Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

For Students:













Students are not allowed to wear any ornaments or bring any valuable articles to the loss of any such articles brought by students.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness are expected f

Every student is highly encouraged to speak i

Every student should endeavor to keep the t

Students must have spontaneous participation in the Extra-Curricular Activities.

Students MUST show due respect to the teachers.



For Parents/Guardians: 






  Early leave is not automatic. If the authority thinks that it may hamper the student’s study, it may not be approved. This is entirely done only for the benefit of student's education. We expect your appreciation regarding this.


  Sending tiffin during school hours is highly discouraged.

  Speak to your child in Bangla and English in correct pronunciation. Practice of English at home and school is highly encouraged.

  Behave responsibly, maintain discipline of school and cooperate with all staff for the betterment of your child and greater interest of this institution.



A guardian wishing to meet the child in the school should seek prior permission of the

Guardians are expected to go through the reports of your child and notice given by the school from time to time.

Any change in residential address or contact numbers may please be immediately communicated to the school office.

  A student suffering from infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the classes.

  Irregular attendance and habitual absence will call for dismissal from the school.

  th of every month. Fine of Tk.10.00/per day will be imposed for payment after 10th of every month. Outstanding of consecutive 3 months will result in cancellation of admission. Students can sit for the exam after clearing all dues.

No reduction of fees can be made for broken period of attendance.

 Fees for the vacation months must be paid along with the fees of the preceding month.

Any kind of fees once paid will not be refunded.

Fees must be paid for the months during which the student's name has been carried on in the class register even if the student has been absent during those months.

All fees have to be paid from 10.00 am to 01.00 pm.

Thursday is a free dress day for the students of Play Group, Nursery and KG. Students of those classes can wear casual dress on that day. Any student of any class can wear casual dress (descent) on his/her birthday.

Parents are not allowed inside the school gate. You can visit school office leaving Assembly and class wise dispersal time.

Please bear in mind that Class Test will be taken on each subject with prior schedule and syllabus. Each test will carry 10 marks. Average of class tests will be added to Terminal Exam. Assessment will be held according to schedule of Academic Calendar. Marks of Assessment will be 20 for Class 1 to 4 and 40 for Class 5 onwards. No Class Tests and Assessments will be taken from Play Group to KG.

Student’s diary is the diary between parents and teachers. So, go through and sign it regularly.